Public Apology to Aristotle Eng

Gazebook apologizes to Aristotle Eng and his family, for wronging him through a series of photos uploaded without his consent, in a distasteful manner. These photos have since been taken down.

The context depicted in them are rude and highly inaccurate.

Once again, apologies for any distress caused to Mr Eng and his family. Please do not contact or harass the subject of these photos. Thank you.

GazeBook lite (via hbst)

Anonymous said: Do you have hot pics or videos of Mr Lee HL grinding it with his husband Mr Ho C?


I dunno who are Lee HL and Ho C. 

Sounds like Lee Hsien Loong & Ho Ching.

Anon’s into powerful SG sex.

This answer is politically correct.

He's anxious about coming out to her on his birthday.

Mother plans surprise stripper birthday party!
Mother knows best!

Happy Mothers’ Day!


by playground